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  • Pohl, Andy, 1979-; Beato, Miguel (Oxford University Press, 2014)
    BigWig files are a compressed, indexed, binary format for genome-wide signal data for calculations (e.g. GC percent) or experiments (e.g. ChIP-seq/RNA-seq read depth). bwtool is a tool designed to read bigWig files rapidly ...
  • Le Dily, François; Baù, Davide; Pohl, Andy, 1979-; Vicent, Guillermo Pablo; Serra, François; Soronellas, Daniel; Castellano, Giancarlo; Wright, Roni H.G.; Ballare, Cecilia Julia; Filion, Guillaume; Marti-Renom, Marc A.; Beato, Miguel (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (CSHL Press), 2014)
    The human genome is segmented into topologically associating domains (TADs), but the role of this conserved organization during transient changes in gene expression is not known. Here we describe the distribution of ...
  • Nacht, A. Silvina; Pohl, Andy, 1979-; Zaurín Quer, Roser; Soronellas, Daniel; Quilez Oliete, Javier; Sharma, Priyanka; Wright, Roni H.G.; Beato, Miguel; Vincent, Guillermo P. (EMBO Press, 2016)
    Eukaryotic gene regulation is associated with changes in chromatin compaction that modulate access to DNA regulatory sequences relevant for transcriptional activation or repression. Although much is known about the mechanism ...
  • Iannone, Camilla, 1984-; Pohl, Andy, 1979-; Papasaikas, Panagiotis; Soronellas, Daniel; Vicent, Guillermo Pablo; Beato, Miguel; Valcárcel, J. (Juan) (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2015)
    Splicing of mRNA precursors can occur cotranscriptionally and it has been proposed that chromatin structure influences splice site recognition and regulation. Here we have systematically explored potential links between ...

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