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  • Gerber, Nicolas; Reyes, Mauricio; Barazzetti, Livia; Kjer, Hans Martin; Vera, Sergio; Stauber, Martin; Mistrik, Pavel; Ceresa, Mario; Mangado López, Nerea; Wimmer, Wilhelm; Stark, Thomas; Paulsen, Rasmus; Weber, Stefan; Caversaccio, Marco; González Ballester, Miguel Ángel, 1973- (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
    Understanding the human inner ear anatomy and its internal structures is paramount to advance hearing implant technology. While the emergence of imaging devices allowed researchers to improve understanding of intracochlear ...
  • Kjer, Hans Martin; Ceresa, Mario; Carranza, Noemí; Vera, Sergio; Pérez, Frederic; Barazzetti, Livia; Reyes, Mauricio; González Ballester, Miguel Ángel, 1973-; Paulsen, Rasmus (Technical University of Denmark, 2013)
    Combining a high resolution cochlear finite element model with a/npatient low resolution CT scan could provide benefits for the use and implantation/nof cochlear implants. In order to do so requires a cochlear statistical ...
  • Ceresa, Mario; Kjer, Hans Martin; Vera, Sergio; Carranza, Noemí; Pérez, Frederic; Barazzetti, Livia; Mistrik, Pavel; Dhanasingh, Anandhan; Caversaccio, Marco; Stauber, Martin; Reyes, Mauricio; Paulsen, Rasmus; González Ballester, Miguel Ángel, 1973- (Technical University of Denmark, 2013)
    We present an innovative image analyisis pipeline to perform/npatient-speci c biomechanical and functional simulations of the inner human/near. A high-resolution, cadaveric, mCT volumetric image portraying/nthe detailed ...
  • Kjer, Hans Martin; Fagertun, Jens; Vera, Sergio; Gil, Debora; González Ballester, Miguel Ángel, 1973-; Paulsen, Rasmus (Elsevier, 2016)
    Better understanding of the anatomical variability of the human cochlear is important for the design and function of Cochlear Implants. Proper non-rigid alignment of high-resolution cochlear μCT data is a challenge for the ...

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