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  • Páez Conesa, José Ezequiel (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2014-01-30)
    En esta tesis me pregunto si, moralmente hablando, debemos concebir el aborto como matar a alguien o, más bien, como impedir que alguien exista. En primer lugar, presento algunas distinciones preliminares acerca de valores ...
  • Páez Conesa, José Ezequiel (WellBeing International, 2019)
    It is very important that we clarify what we owe to nonhuman animals. To that end, we need a better understanding of animal cognition and emotion. Marino & Merskin’s target article is a welcome contribution to this project. ...
  • Páez Conesa, José Ezequiel (WellBeing International, 2019)
    Chapman & Huffman argue that, because humans are neither unique nor superior to the other animals, cruelty to animals is not justified. Though I agree with their conclusion, I do not think their argument works. Many human ...
  • Anthis, Jacy Reese; Páez Conesa, José Ezequiel (Elsevier, 2021)
    Many sentient beings suffer serious harms due to a lack of moral consideration. Importantly, such harms could also occur to a potentially astronomical number of morally considerable future beings. This paper argues that, ...
  • Páez Conesa, José Ezequiel (2007)
  • Páez Conesa, José Ezequiel (WellBeing International, 2020)
    I agree with Treves et al.’s proposal for a preservation ethics based on the principle that nonhuman well-being is a matter of justice and compassion. In this commentary, I advance two objections. First, only sentient ...

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