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  • Iglesias-Platas, Isabel; Martin-Trujillo, Alex; Cirillo, Davide; Court, Franck; Guillaumet-Adkins, Amy; Camprubí, Cristina; Bourc'his, Deborah; Hata, Kenichiro; Feil, Robert; Tartaglia, Gian Gaetano; Arnaud, Philippe; Monk, David (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2012)
    Genomic imprinting is a complex epigenetic mechanism of transcriptional control that utilizes DNA methylation and histone modifications to bring about parent-of-origin specific monoallelic expression in mammals. Genes ...
  • Martin-Trujillo, Alex; Vidal Ocabo, Enrique; Monteagudo-Sánchez, Ana; Sanchez-Delgado, Marta; Moran, Sebastian; Hernández Mora, José Ramón; Heyn, Holger; Guitart, Miriam; Esteller, Manel; Monk, David (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
    It has been postulated that imprinting aberrations are common in tumors. To understand the role of imprinting in cancer, we have characterized copy-number and methylation in over 280 cancer cell lines and confirm our ...
  • Sanchez-Delgado, Marta; Court, Franck; Vidal, Enrique; Medrano, Jose; Monteagudo-Sánchez, Ana; Martin-Trujillo, Alex; Tayama, Chiharu; Iglesias-Platas, Isabel; Kondova, Ivanela; Bontrop, Ronald E.; Poo-Llanillo, Maria Eugenia; Marquès i Bonet, Tomàs, 1975-; Nakabayashi, Kazuhiko; Simón, Carlos; Monk, David (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2016)
    Thousands of regions in gametes have opposing methylation profiles that are largely resolved during the post-fertilization epigenetic reprogramming. However some specific sequences associated with imprinted loci survive ...
  • Theka, Ilda, 1984-; Sottile, Francesco, 1988-; Cammisa, Marco; Bonnin, Sarah; Sanchez-Delgado, Marta; Di Vicino, Umberto; Neguembor, Maria Victoria; Arumugam, Karthik; Aulicino, Francesco, 1987-; Monk, David; Riccio, Andrea; Cosma, Maria Pia, 1970- (Nature Research, 2019)
    Mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) are pluripotent and can differentiate into cells belonging to the three germ layers of the embryo. However, mESC pluripotency and genome stability can be compromised in prolonged in vitro ...

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