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  • Secolin, Rodrigo; Mas Sandoval, Àlex, 1989-; Arauna, Lara R; Torres, Fábio R.; de Araujo, Tânia K.; Santos, Marilza L.; Rocha, Cristiane S.; Carvalho, Benilton S.; Cendes, Fernando; Lopes-Cendes, Iscia; Comas, David, 1969- (Nature Research, 2019)
    Admixed American populations have different global proportions of European, Sub-Saharan African, and Native-American ancestry. However, individuals who display the same global ancestry could exhibit remarkable differences ...
  • Castro e Silva, Marcos Araújo; Nunes, Kelly; Barbosa Lemes, Renan; Mas Sandoval, Àlex, 1989-; Guerra Amorim, Carlos Eduardo; Krieger, José Eduardo; Mill, José Geraldo; Salzano, Francisco Mauro; Bortolini, Maria Cátira; Pereira, Alexandre da Costa; Comas, David, 1969-; Hünemeier, Tábita (National Academy of Sciences, 2020)
    In the 15th century, ∼900,000 Native Americans, mostly Tupí speakers, lived on the Brazilian coast. By the end of the 18th century, the coastal native populations were declared extinct. The Tupí arrived on the east coast ...
  • Arauna, Lara R; Mendoza Revilla, Javier; Mas Sandoval, Àlex, 1989-; Izaabel, Hassan; Bekada, Asmahan; Benhamamouch, Soraya; Fadhlaoui-Zid, Karima; Zalloua, Pierre A.; Hellenthal, Garrett; Comas, David, 1969- (Oxford University Press, 2017)
    North Africa is characterized by its diverse cultural and linguistic groups and its genetic heterogeneity. Genomic data has shown an amalgam of components mixed since pre-Holocean times. Though no differences have been ...
  • Mas Sandoval, Àlex, 1989-; Arauna, Lara R; Gouveia, Mateus H.; Barreto, Mauricio L.; Horta, Bernardo L.; Lima-Costa, Maria Fernanda; Pereira, Alexandre C.; Salzano, Francisco Mauro; Hünemeier, Tábita; Tarazona-Santos, Eduardo; Bortolini, Maria Cátira; Comas, David, 1969- (Oxford University Press, 2019)
    After the colonization of the Americas by Europeans and the consequent Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, most Native American populations in eastern Brazil disappeared or went through an admixture process that configured a ...

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