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  • Iglesias-Platas, Isabel; Martin-Trujillo, Alex; Cirillo, Davide; Court, Franck; Guillaumet-Adkins, Amy; Camprubí, Cristina; Bourc'his, Deborah; Hata, Kenichiro; Feil, Robert; Tartaglia, Gian Gaetano; Arnaud, Philippe; Monk, David (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2012)
    Genomic imprinting is a complex epigenetic mechanism of transcriptional control that utilizes DNA methylation and histone modifications to bring about parent-of-origin specific monoallelic expression in mammals. Genes ...
  • Martin-Trujillo, Alex; Vidal Ocabo, Enrique; Monteagudo-Sánchez, Ana; Sanchez-Delgado, Marta; Moran, Sebastian; Hernández Mora, José Ramón; Heyn, Holger; Guitart, Miriam; Esteller, Manel; Monk, David (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
    It has been postulated that imprinting aberrations are common in tumors. To understand the role of imprinting in cancer, we have characterized copy-number and methylation in over 280 cancer cell lines and confirm our ...
  • Sanchez-Delgado, Marta; Court, Franck; Vidal, Enrique; Medrano, Jose; Monteagudo-Sánchez, Ana; Martin-Trujillo, Alex; Tayama, Chiharu; Iglesias-Platas, Isabel; Kondova, Ivanela; Bontrop, Ronald E.; Poo-Llanillo, Maria Eugenia; Marquès i Bonet, Tomàs, 1975-; Nakabayashi, Kazuhiko; Simón, Carlos; Monk, David (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2016)
    Thousands of regions in gametes have opposing methylation profiles that are largely resolved during the post-fertilization epigenetic reprogramming. However some specific sequences associated with imprinted loci survive ...

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