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  • Giubilaro, Jenna; Schuetz, Doris A.; Stepniewski, Tomasz Maciej, 1988-; Namkung, Yoon; Khoury, Etienne; Lara Márquez, Mónica; Campbell, Shirley; Beautrait, Alexandre; Armando, Sylvain; Radresa, Olivier; Duchaine, Jean; Lamarche Vane, Nathalie; Claing, Audrey; Selent, Jana; Bouvier, Michel; Marinier, Anne; Laporte, Stéphane A. (Nature Research, 2021)
    Internalization and intracellular trafficking of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) play pivotal roles in cell responsiveness. Dysregulation in receptor trafficking can lead to aberrant signaling and cell behavior. Here, ...