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  • Gabaldón Estevan, Juan Antonio, 1973-; Martin, Tiphaine; Marcet Houben, Marina; Durrens, Pascal; Bolotin Fukuhara, Monique; Lespinet, Olivier; Arnaise, Sylvie; Boisnard, Stéphanie; Aguileta, Gabriela; Atanasova, Ralitsa; Bouchier, Christiane; Couloux, Arnaud; Creno, Sophie; Almeida Cruz, José; Devillers, Hugo; Enache-Angoulvant, Aadela; Guitard, Juliette; Jaouen, Laure; Ma, Laurence; Marck, Christian; Neuvéglise, Cécile; Pelletier, Eric; Pinard, Amélie; Poulain, Julie; Recoquillay, Julien; Westhof, Eric; Wincker, Patrick; Dujon, Bernard; Hennequin, Christophe; Fairhead, Cécile (BioMed Central, 2013)
    BACKGROUND: Candida glabrata follows C. albicans as the second or third most prevalent cause of candidemia worldwide. These two pathogenic yeasts are distantly related, C. glabrata being part of the Nakaseomyces, a group ...

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