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  • Palència Fernàndez, Laia, 1980-; Gotsens Miquel, Mercè, 1983-; Marí Dell'Olmo, Marc, 1978-; Bosakova, Lucia; Burström, Bo; Costa, Claudia; Deboosere, Patrick; Dzúrová, Dagmar; Lustigova, Michala; Morrison Esteve, Joana, 1977-; Santana, Paula; Borrell i Thió, Carme (Elsevier, 2020)
    Objective: To analyse socioeconomic inequalities in all-cause mortality among men and women in nine European urban areas during the recent economic crisis, and to compare the results to those from two periods before the ...
  • Costa, Claudia; Santana, Paula; Dimitroulopoulou, Sani; Burström, Bo; Borrell i Thió, Carme; Schweikart, Jürgen; Dzúrová, Dagmar; Zangarini, Nicolás; Katsouyanni, Klea; Deboosere, Patrick; Freitas, Ângela; Mitsakou, Christina; Samoli, Evangelia; Vardoulakis, Sotiris; Marí Dell'Olmo, Marc, 1978-; Gotsens Miquel, Mercè, 1983-; Lustigova, Michala; Corman, Diana; Costa, Giuseppe (MDPI, 2019)
    The different geographical contexts seen in European metropolitan areas are reflected in the uneven distribution of health risk factors for the population. Accumulating evidence on multiple health determinants point to the ...
  • Palència Fernàndez, Laia, 1980-; Dell’Olmo, Marc Marí; Morrisson, Joana; Deboosere, Patrick; Gotsens Miquel, Mercè, 1983-; Dzúrová, Dagmar; Costa, Claudia; Lustigova, Michala; Burström, Bo; Rodríguez Sanz, Maica, 1974-; Bosakova, Lucia; Zengarini, Nicolas; Katsouyanni, Klea; Santana, Paula (Oxford University Press, 2020)
    Background: Few studies have assessed the impact of the financial crisis on inequalities in suicide mortality in European urban areas. The objective of the study was to analyse the trend in area socioeconomic inequalities ...

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