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  • Guxens Junyent, Mònica; Lubczyńska, Małgorzata Joanna, 1984-; Muetzel, Ryan L.; Dalmau Bueno, Albert; Jaddoe, Vincent W. V.; Hoek, Gerard; van der Lugt, Aad; Verhulst, Frank C.; White, Tonya; Brunekreef, Bert; Tiemeier, Henning; El Marroun, Hanan (Society of Biological Psychiatry, 2018)
    Background: Air pollution exposure during fetal life has been related to impaired child neurodevelopment, but it is unclear if brain structural alterations underlie this association. The authors assessed whether air pollution ...
  • Binter, Anne-Claire; Kusters, Michelle S.W.; van den Dries, Michiel; Alonso, Lucia; Lubczyńska, Małgorzata Joanna, 1984-; Hoek, Gerard; White, Tonya; Iñiguez, Carmen; Tiemeier, Henning; Guxens Junyent, Mònica (Elsevier, 2022)
    Air pollution exposure during early-life is associated with altered brain development, but the precise periods of susceptibility are unknown. We aimed to investigate whether there are periods of susceptibility of air ...
  • Lubczyńska, Małgorzata Joanna, 1984-; Muetzel, Ryan L.; El Marroun, Hanan; Basagaña Flores, Xavier; Strak, Maciej; Denault, William; Jaddoe, Vincent W. V.; Hillegers, Manon; Vernooij, Meike W.; Hoek, Gerard; White, Tonya; Brunekreef, Bert; Tiemeier, Henning; Guxens Junyent, Mònica (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), 2020)
    Background: Air pollution has been related to brain structural alterations, but a relationship with white matter microstructure is unclear. Objectives: We assessed whether pregnancy and childhood exposures to air pollution ...
  • Lubczyńska, Małgorzata Joanna, 1984-; Sunyer Deu, Jordi; Tiemeier, Henning; Porta, Daniela; Kasper-Sonnenberg, Monika; Jaddoe, Vincent W. V.; Basagaña Flores, Xavier; Dalmau Bueno, Albert; Forastiere, Francesco; Wittsiepe, Jürgen; Hoffmann, Barbara; Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark J.; Hoek, Gerard; de Hoogh, Kees; Brunekreef, Bert; Guxens Junyent, Mònica (Elsevier, 2017)
    BACKGROUND: Little is known about developmental neurotoxicity of particulate matter composition. We aimed to investigate associations between exposure to elemental composition of outdoor PM2.5 at birth and cognitive and ...
  • Pérez Crespo, Laura; Kusters, Michelle S.W.; López Vicente, Mònica, 1988-; Lubczyńska, Małgorzata Joanna, 1984-; Foraster Pulido, Maria, 1984-; White, Tonya; Hoek, Gerard; Tiemeier, Henning; Muetzel, Ryan L.; Guxens Junyent, Mònica (Elsevier, 2022)
    Background: The amount of people affected by traffic-related air pollution and noise is continuously increasing, but limited research has been conducted on the association between these environmental exposures and functional ...
  • Jorcano, Ainhoa; Lubczyńska, Małgorzata Joanna, 1984-; Pierotti, Livia; Sunyer Deu, Jordi; Guxens Junyent, Mònica (Elsevier, 2019)
    Background: The association between air pollution exposure and emotional and behavioural problems in children is unclear. We aimed to assess prenatal and postnatal exposure to several air pollutants and child's depressive ...

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