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  • Dutta, Rohan; Levine, David K.; Modica, Salvatore (2016-02)
    We study collusion within groups in non-cooperative games. The primitives are the preferences of the players, their assignment to non-overlapping groups and the goals of the groups. Our notion of collusion is that a group ...
  • Levine, David K.; Modica, Salvatore (2016-05)
    How can a small special interest group successfully get an inefficient transfer at the expense of a much larger group with many more resources available for lobbying? We consider a simple model of collusive organizations ...
  • Levine, David K.; Mattozzi, Andrea (2016-04)
    We re-examine the theory of rational voter participation where voting is by two collusive parties enforcing social norms through costly peer punishment. The model nests both the ethical voter model and the pivotal voter ...

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