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  • Jacques-Aviñó, Constanza; López-Jiménez, Tomàs; Medina Perucha, Laura; Bont, Jeroen de; Queiroga Gonçalves, Alessandra; Duarte Salles, Talita, 1985-; Berenguera, Anna (BMJ Publishing Group, 2020)
    Objective: Lockdown has impacts on people's living conditions and mental health. The study aims to assess the relations between social impact and mental health among adults living in Spain during COVID-19 lockdown measures, ...
  • Holst, Anna Sofie; Jacques-Aviñó, Constanza; Berenguera, Anna; Martínez-Bueno, Cristina; Munrós-Feliu, Jordina; Pinzón-Sanabria, Diana; Valls Llobet, Carme; López-Jiménez, Tomàs; García-Egea, Andrea; Vicente-Hernández, Mª Mercedes; Medina Perucha, Laura (SAGE Publications, 2023)
    Background: Available evidence suggests that menstrual health and management have been impaired during the COVID-19 syndemic. However, research in this area is scarce, and it is failing to voice the experiences of women ...
  • Medina Perucha, Laura; López-Jiménez, Tomàs; Jacques-Aviñó, Constanza; Holst, Anna Sofie; Valls Llobet, Carme; Munrós-Feliu, Jordina; Martínez-Bueno, Cristina; Pinzón-Sanabria, Diana; Vicente-Hernández, Mª Mercedes; Berenguera, Anna (BioMed Central, 2023)
    Background: Available research suggests that menstrual inequity has an impact on (menstrual) health outcomes and emotional wellbeing. It is also a significant barrier to achieve social and gender equity and compromises ...
  • Jacques-Aviñó, Constanza; López-Jiménez, Tomàs; Medina Perucha, Laura; De Bont, Jeroen, 1989-; Berenguera, Anna (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2021)
    Evidence suggests that non-binary people have poorer mental and physical health outcomes, compared with people who identify within the gender binomial (man/woman). Research on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental ...

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