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  • Brena, David; Bertran, Joan; Porta de la Riva, Montserrat; Guillén, Yolanda; Cornes Maragliano, Eric, 1987-; Kukhtar, Dmytro; Campos-Vicens, Lluís; Fernández, Lierni; Pecharroman, Irene; García-López, Albert; Islam, Abul, 1978-; Marruecos, Laura; Bigas Salvans, Anna; Cerón Madrigal, Julián; Espinosa Blay, Lluís (Nature Research, 2020)
    Mammalian IκB proteins (IκBs) exert their main function as negative regulators of NF-κB, a central signaling pathway controlling immunity and inflammation. An alternative chromatin role for IκBs has been shown to affect ...
  • Serrat Farran, Xènia, 1993-; Kukhtar, Dmytro; Cornes Maragliano, Eric, 1987-; Esteve-Codina, Anna; Benlloch, Helena; Cecere, Germano; Cerón Madrigal, Julián (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2019)
    SF3B1 is the most frequently mutated splicing factor in cancer. Mutations in SF3B1 likely confer clonal advantages to cancer cells but they may also confer vulnerabilities that can be therapeutically targeted. SF3B1 cancer ...
  • Vicencio, Jeremy, 1990-; Sánchez-Bolaños, Carlos; Moreno-Sánchez, Ismael; Brena, David; Vejnar, Charles E.; Kukhtar, Dmytro; Ruiz-López, Miguel; Cots-Ponjoan, Mariona; Rubio, Alejandro; Rodrigo Melero, Natalia; Crespo-Cuadrado, Jesús; Carolis, Carlo; Pérez-Pulido, Antonio J.; Giráldez, Antonio; Kleinstiver, Benjamin P.; Cerón Madrigal, Julián; Moreno Mateos, Miguel Ángel (Nature Research, 2022)
    The requirement for Cas nucleases to recognize a specific PAM is a major restriction for genome editing. SpCas9 variants SpG and SpRY, recognizing NGN and NRN PAMs, respectively, have contributed to increase the number of ...

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