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  • Soldevila-Domenech, Natalia; Forcano, Laura; Boronat Rigol, Anna, 1990-; Lorenzo, Thais; Piera, Iris; Puig Pijoan, Albert; Mateus Rodriguez, Julian Andrés; González de Echávarri, José Maria; Knezevic, Iva; Soteras, Anna; Fauria, Karine; Pizarro Lozano, Mª Nieves; Molinuevo, José Luis; Torre Fornell, Rafael de la; PENSA Study Group (IOS Press, 2021)
    We explored the impact of the Spanish COVID-19 strict home confinement on mental health and cognition in non-infected subjects (N = 16, 60-80 years) diagnosed with subjective cognitive decline and APOEɛ3/ɛ4 carriers. Mental ...
  • Knezevic, Iva (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2018-07-17)
    In eukaryotic cells a key regulatory step of cell cycle occurs in late G1, which has been termed “Start” in yeast cells. At this point, cells determine whether they will go to through a new round of proliferation, or choose ...
  • Falcon, Carles; Navarro-Plaza, Mari Carmen; Gramunt Fombuena, Nina; Arenaza Urquijo, Eider M.; Grau-Rivera, Oriol; Cacciaglia, Raffaele; González de Echávarri, José Maria; Sanchez-Benavides, Gonzalo; Operto, Grégory; Knezevic, Iva; Molinuevo, José Luis; Domingo Gispert, Juan (Elsevier, 2022)
    Most people have a soundtrack of life, a set of special musical pieces closely linked to certain biographical experiences. Autobiographical memories (AM) and music listening (ML) involve complex mental processes ruled by ...
  • Knezevic, Iva; González Medina, Alberto, 1990-; Gaspa, Laura; Hidalgo Hernando, Elena; Ayté del Olmo, José (Wiley, 2018)
    Chromatin structure is an essential factor in the proper regulation of DNA repair, DNA replication and transcription. The INO80 complex and the SWR complex have been shown to play a fundamental role in transcription ...

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