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  • Fourcade, Stéphane; Morató, Laia; Parameswaran, Janani, 1990-; Ruiz, Montserrat; Ruiz Cortés, Tatiana; Jové, Mariona; Naudí, Alba; Martínez Redondo, Paloma; Dierssen, Mara; Ferrer, Isidre; Villarroya, Francesc; Pamplona, Reinald; Vaquero, Alejandro; Portero Otín, Manuel; Pujol, Aurora, 1968- (Wiley, 2018)
    Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) is a member of a family of NAD+ -dependent histone deacetylases (HDAC) that play diverse roles in cellular metabolism and especially for aging process. SIRT2 is located in the nucleus, cytoplasm, and ...
  • Mayneris Perxachs, Jordi; Arnoriaga Rodríguez, María; Garre-Olmo, Josep; Puig, Josep; Ramos, Rafel; Trelis, Maria; Burokas, Aurelijus; Coll, Clàudia; Zapata-Tona, Cristina; Pedraza, Salvador; Pérez Brocal, Vicente; Ramió-Torrentà, Lluís; Ricart, Wifredo; Moya, Andrés; Jové, Mariona; Sol, Joaquim; Portero Otín, Manuel; Pamplona, Reinald; Maldonado, Rafael, 1961-; Fernández Real, Jose M. (Nature Research, 2022)
    Growing evidence implicates the gut microbiome in cognition. Blastocystis is a common gut single-cell eukaryote parasite frequently detected in humans but its potential involvement in human pathophysiology has been poorly ...

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