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  • Solanas, Guiomar; Oliveira Peixoto, Francisca; Perdiguero, Eusebio, 1968-; Jardí, Mercè; Ruiz Bonilla, Vanesa, 1979-; Datta, Debayan; Symeonidi, Aikaterini; Castellanos, Andrés; Welz, Patrick-Simon; Martín Caballero, Juan; Sassone-Corsi, Paolo; Muñoz Cánoves, Pura, 1962-; Aznar Benitah, Salvador (Elsevier, 2017)
    Normal homeostatic functions of adult stem cells have rhythmic daily oscillations that are believed to become arrhythmic during aging. Unexpectedly, we find that aged mice remain behaviorally circadian and that their ...
  • Pessina, Patrizia; Kharraz, Yacine; Jardí, Mercè; Fukada, So-ichiro; Serrano, Antonio L.; Perdiguero, Eusebio, 1968-; Muñoz Cánoves, Pura, 1962- (Elsevier, 2015)
    Preservation of cell identity is necessary for homeostasis of most adult tissues. This process is challenged every time a tissue undergoes regeneration after stress or injury. In the lethal Duchenne muscular dystrophy ...
  • Perdiguero, Eusebio, 1968-; Sousa-Victor, Pedro; Ruiz Bonilla, Vanesa, 1979-; Jardí, Mercè; Caelles Franch, Carme; Serrano, Antonio L.; Muñoz Cánoves, Pura, 1962- (Rockefeller University Press, 2011)
    Repair of damaged tissue requires the coordinated action of inflammatory and tissue-specific cells to restore homeostasis, but the underlying regulatory mechanisms are poorly understood. In this paper, we report new roles ...
  • Segalés Dalmau, Jessica; Perdiguero, Eusebio, 1968-; Serrano, Antonio L.; Sousa-Victor, Pedro; Ortet Cortada, Laura; Jardí, Mercè; Budanov, Andrei V.; García-Prat, Laura, 1987-; Sandri, Marco; Thomson, David M.; Karin, Michael; Hee Lee, Jun; Muñoz Cánoves, Pura, 1962- (Nature Research, 2020)
    A unique property of skeletal muscle is its ability to adapt its mass to changes in activity. Inactivity, as in disuse or aging, causes atrophy, the loss of muscle mass and strength, leading to physical incapacity and poor ...

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