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  • Hernandez, Inmaculada; Dhiman, Heena; Klanert, Gerald; Jadhav, Vaibhav; Auer, Norbert; Hanscho, Michael; Baumann, Martina; Esteve-Codina, Anna; Dabad, Marc; Gómez, Jessica; Alioto, Tyler; Merkel, Angelika; Raineri, Emanuele; Heath, Simon; Rico, Daniel; Borth, Nicole (Wiley, 2019)
    The existence of dynamic cellular phenotypes in changing environmental conditions is of major interest for cell biologists who aim to understand the mechanism and sequence of regulation of gene expression. In the context ...
  • Prendergast, Lisa; McClurg, Urszula; Hristova, Rossitsa; Berlinguer-Palmini, Rolando; Greener, Sarah; Veicht, Katie; Hernandez, Inmaculada; Pasero, Philippe; Rico, Daniel; Higgins, Jonathan M. G.; Gospodinov, Anastas; Papamichos-Chronakis, Manolis (Nature Research, 2020)
    Collisions between the DNA replication machinery and co-transcriptional R-loops can impede DNA synthesis and are a major source of genomic instability in cancer cells. How cancer cells deal with R-loops to proliferate is ...
  • Blanco-Carmona, Enrique; Narayanan, Ashwin; Hernandez, Inmaculada; Nieto, Juan C.; Elosua-Bayés, Marc; Sun, Xueyuan; Schmidt, Claudia; Pamir, Necmettin; Özduman, Koray; Herold-Mende, Christel; Pagani, Francesca; Cominelli, Manuela; Taranda, Julian; Wick, Wolfgang; von Deimling, Andreas; Poliani, Pietro Luigi; Rehli, Michael; Schlesner, Matthias; Heyn, Holger; Turcan, Sevin (Elsevier, 2023)
    The isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) gene is recurrently mutated in adult diffuse gliomas. IDH-mutant gliomas are categorized into oligodendrogliomas and astrocytomas, each with unique pathological features. Here, we use ...

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