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  • Gutiérrez, Fernando; Peri, Josep M.; Baillès Lázaro, Eva; Gárriz, Miguel; Vall, Gemma; Cavero, Myriam; Mallorquí, Aida; Ruiz Rodríguez, José (Frontiers, 2022)
    The fast-slow paradigm of life history (LH) focuses on how individuals grow, mate, and reproduce at different paces. This paradigm can contribute substantially to the field of personality and individual differences provided ...
  • Gutiérrez, Fernando; Peri, Josep M.; Gárriz, Miguel; Vall, Gemma; Arqué, Estela; Ruiz, Laura; Condomines, Jaume; Calvo, Natalia; Ferrer, Marc; Sureda, Bárbara (Frontiers, 2021)
    The promise of replacing the diagnostic categories of personality disorder with a better-grounded system has been only partially met. We still need to understand whether our main dimensional taxonomies, those of the ...
  • Gutiérrez, Fernando; Aluja, Antón; Ruiz, José; García, Luis F.; Gárriz, Miguel; Gutierrez-Zotes, Alfonso; Gallardo-Pujol, David; Navarro-Haro, Maria V.; Alabèrnia-Segura, Miquel; Mestre-Pintó, Juan Ignacio; Torrens, Marta; Peri, Josep M.; Sureda, Bárbara; Soler, Joaquim; Pascual, Juan C.; Vall, Gemma; Calvo, Natalia; Ferrer, Marc; Oltmanns, Joshua R.; Widiger, Thomas A. (SAGE Publications, 2020)
    The International Classification of Diseases-11th revision (ICD-11) classification of personality disorders is the official diagnostic system that is used all over the world, and it has recently been renewed. However, as ...
  • Gutiérrez, Fernando; Aluja, Antón; Rodríguez, Claudia; Gárriz, Miguel; Peri, Josep M.; Gallart, Salvador; Calvo, Natalia; Ferrer, Marc; Gutierrez-Zotes, Alfonso; Soler, Joaquim; Pascual, Juan Carlos (Frontiers, 2023)
    Severity is the main component of the ICD-11 personality disorder (PD) classification, but pertinent instruments have only recently been developed. We analyzed the psychometric properties of the ICD-11 Personality Disorder ...

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