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  • López Arribillaga, Erika, 1986-; Rodilla, Verónica; Pellegrinet, Luca; Guiu Sagarra, Jordi, 1983-; Iglesias Coma, Mar; Roman, Angel Carlos; Gutarra, Susana; González, Susana; Muñoz Cánoves, Pura, 1962-; Fernández-Salguero, Pedro; Radtke, Freddy; Bigas Salvans, Anna; Espinosa Blay, Lluís (Company of Biologists, 2015)
    Genetic data indicate that abrogation of Notch-Rbpj or Wnt-β-catenin pathways results in the loss of the intestinal stem cells (ISCs). However, whether the effect of Notch is direct or due to the aberrant differentiation ...
  • Ardite, Esther; Perdiguero, Eusebio, 1968-; Vidal Iglesias, Berta; Gutarra, Susana; Serrano, Antonio L.; Muñoz Cánoves, Pura, 1962- (Rockefeller University Press, 2012)
    There is a widespread awareness that the wealth of preclinical toxicity data that the pharmaceutical industry has generated in recent decades is not exploited as efficiently as it could be. Enhanced data availability for ...

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