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  • Capistrano-Gossmann, Gina G.; Ries, David; Holtgräwe, Daniela; Minoche, André E.; Kraft, Thomas; Frerichmann, Sebastian L.M.; Rosleff Soerensen, T.; Dohm, Juliane C.; González Navarrete, Irene, 1983-; Schilhabel, Markus B.; Varrelmann, Mark; Tschoep, Hendrik; Uphoff, Hubert; Schütze, Katia; Borchardt, Dietrich C.; Toerjek, O.; Mechelke, Wolfgang; Lein, Jens Christoph; Schechert, Axel W.; Frese, Lothar; Himmelbauer, Heinz; Weisshaar, Bernd; Kopisch-Obuch, Friedrich J. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
    Rapid identification of agronomically important genes is of pivotal interest for crop breeding. One source of such genes are crop wild relative (CWR) populations. Here we used a CWR population of <200 wild beets (B. vulgaris ...
  • Vlasova, Anna; Capella Gutiérrez, Salvador Jesús, 1985-; Erb, Ionas; Cámara, Francisco; Prieto Barja, Pablo, 1986-; Kedra, Darek; González Navarrete, Irene, 1983-; Cozzuto, Luca; Gómez Garrido, Jèssica; Aguilar Morón, María Asunción; Andreu Somavilla, Núria; Zehnsdorf, Maik; Alioto, Tyler; Notredame, Cedric; Gabaldón Estevan, Juan Antonio, 1973-; Guigó Serra, Roderic (BioMed Central, 2016)
    Background: Legumes are the third largest family of angiosperms and the second most important crop class. Legume genomes have been shaped by extensive large-scale gene duplications, including an approximately 58 million ...
  • Jerković, Ivana; Ibrahim, Daniel Murad; Andrey, Guillaume; Haas, Stefan A.; Hansen, Peter; Janetzki, Catrin; González Navarrete, Irene, 1983-; Robinson, Peter N.; Hecht, Jochen; Mundlos, Stefan (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2017)
    Homeotic genes code for key transcription factors (HOX-TFs) that pattern the animal body plan. During embryonic development, Hox genes are expressed in overlapping patterns and function in a partially redundant manner. In ...
  • Olalde Marquínez, Íñigo, 1987-; Sánchez Quinto, Federico A, 1985-; Datta, Debayan; Marigorta, Urko M.; Chiang, Charleston W.K.; Rodríguez, Juan Antonio; Fernández Callejo, Marcos; González Navarrete, Irene, 1983-; Montfort, Magda; Matas Lalueza, Laura; Civit, Sergi; Luiselli, Donata; Charlier, Philippe; Pettener, Davide; Ramírez, Oscar; Navarro i Cuartiellas, Arcadi, 1969-; Himmelbauer, Heinz; Marquès i Bonet, Tomàs, 1975-; Lalueza Fox, Carles, 1965- (Nature Publishing Group, 2014)
    A pyrographically decorated gourd, dated to the French Revolution period, has been alleged to contain a handkerchief dipped into the blood of the French king Louis XVI (1754–1793) after his beheading but recent analyses ...

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