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  • Jiang, Zhisheng; Generoso, Serena Francesca, 1988-; Badia, Marta; Payer, Bernhard; Carey, Lucas, 1980- (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2021)
    Isogenic cells cultured together show heterogeneity in their proliferation rate. To determine the differences between fast and slow-proliferating cells, we developed a method to sort cells by proliferation rate, and performed ...
  • Generoso, Serena Francesca, 1988- (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2019-03-21)
    X-Chromosome Reactivation (XCR) occurs in the epiblast cells of the blastocyst and in germ cells, thereby coupling XCR with pluripotency. We performed a screen in iPS cells by knocking down the expression of candidate genes ...
  • Generoso, Serena Francesca, 1988-; Neguembor, Maria Victoria; Hershberg, Elliot A.; Sadreyev, Ruslan Ilyasovich; Kurimoto, Kazuki; Yabuta, Yukihiro; Ricci, Raffaele; Audergon, Pauline; Bauer, Moritz, 1987-; Saitou, Mitinori; Hochedlinger, Konrad; Beliveau, Brian J.; Cosma, Maria Pia; Lee, Jeannie T.; Payer, Bernhard (National Academy of Sciences, 2023)
    Reactivation of the inactive X chromosome is a hallmark epigenetic event during reprogramming of mouse female somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). This involves global structural remodeling from a ...
  • Vivori, Claudia, 1989-; Papasaikas, Panagiotis; Stadhouders, Ralph; Di Stefano, Bruno, 1984-; Ribó Rubio, Anna; Berenguer, Clara; Generoso, Serena Francesca, 1988-; Mallol, Anna; Sardina, Jose Luis; Payer, Bernhard; Graf, T. (Thomas); Valcárcel, J. (Juan) (BioMed Central, 2021)
    Background: Somatic cell reprogramming is the process that allows differentiated cells to revert to a pluripotent state. In contrast to the extensively studied rewiring of epigenetic and transcriptional programs required ...

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