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  • Guerrero Jijon, Santiago Xavier; López Cortés, Andrés; García-Cárdenas, Jennyfer M.; Saa, Pablo; Indacochea Cusirramos, Alberto; Armendáriz-Castillo, Isaac; Zambrano, Ana Karina; Yumiceba, Verónica; Pérez-Villa, Andy; Guevara-Ramírez, Patricia; Moscoso-Zea, Oswaldo; Paredes, Joel; Leone, Paola E.; Paz-y-Miño, César (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2019)
    Scientific data recording and reporting systems are of a great interest for endorsing reproducibility and transparency practices among the scientific community. Current research generates large datasets that can no longer ...
  • Guerrero Jijon, Santiago Xavier; López-Cortés, Andrés; Indacochea Cusirramos, Alberto; García-Cárdenas, Jennyfer M.; Zambrano, Ana Karina; Cabrera-Andrade, Alejandro; Guevara-Ramírez, Patricia; Abigail González, Diana; Leone, Paola E.; Paz-y-Miño, César (Nature Research, 2018)
    Over the past decades, consistent studies have shown that race/ethnicity have a great impact on cancer incidence, survival, drug response, molecular pathways and epigenetics. Despite the influence of race/ethnicity in ...
  • García-Cárdenas, Jennyfer M.; Armendáriz-Castillo, Isaac; Pérez-Villa, Andy; Indacochea Cusirramos, Alberto; Jácome-Alvarado, Andrea; López-Cortés, Andrés; Guerrero, Santiago (MDPI, 2022)
    More women are diagnosed with breast cancer (BC) than any other type of cancer. Although large-scale efforts have completely redefined cancer, a cure remains unattainable. In that respect, new molecular functions of the ...

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