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  • García Montalvo, José; Raya, Josep M. (Springer, 2022)
    The foreclosure crisis associated with the banking crisis transformed banks in the hardest-hit countries into real estate brokers. The main novelty of this paper is to study banks as sellers of their own foreclosed properties ...
  • Gómez Puig, Marta; García Montalvo, José (1994-12-01)
  • García Montalvo, José; Reynal-Querol, Marta (Elsevier, 2019)
    The literature on the effect of shocks on civil conflicts has grown rapidly over the last decade. In this paper, we study the relationship between earthquakes and terrorism. In the short run, the destruction generated by ...
  • García Montalvo, José; Reynal-Querol, Marta (MIT Press, 2021)
    The relationship between ethnic heterogeneity and economic growth is complex. Empirical research working with cross-country data finds a negative, or statistically insignificant, relationship. However, analysis at city ...
  • García Montalvo, José (2012-11-29)
  • Nagel, Rosemarie; Bosch, Antoni (Bosch-Domènech); Satorra, Albert; García Montalvo, José (1999-11-01)
    "Beauty-contest" is a game in which participants have to choose, typically, a number in [0,100], the winner being the person whose number is closest to a proportion of the average of all chosen numbers. We describe and ...
  • Akın, Özlem; García Montalvo, José; Garcia Villar, Jaume, 1956-; Peydró, José-Luis; Raya Vílchez, José María (Springer, 2014)
    We analyze the determinants of real estate and credit bubbles using a unique borrower-lender matched dataset on mortgage loans in Spain. The dataset contain real estate credit and price conditions (loan principal and spread, ...

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