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  • Cabral, Joana; Castaldo, Francesca; Vohryzek, Jakub; Litvak, Vladimir; Bick, Christian; Lambiotte, Renaud; Friston, Karl; Kringelbach, Morten L.; Deco, Gustavo (Nature Research, 2022)
    A rich repertoire of oscillatory signals is detected from human brains with electro- and magnetoencephalography (EEG/MEG). However, the principles underwriting coherent oscillations and their link with neural activity ...
  • Friston, Karl; Breakspear, Michael; Deco, Gustavo (Frontiers Media, 2012)
    This paper considers state-dependent dynamics that mediate perception in the brain. In particular, it considers the formal basis of self-organized instabilities that enable perceptual transitions during Bayes-optimal ...
  • Deco, Gustavo; Jirsa, Viktor K.; Friston, Karl (MIT Press, 2012)
    Global network dynamics over distributed brain areas emerge from the local dynamics of each brain area. Conversely, global dynamics constrain local activity such that the whole system becomes self-organizing. The implicit ...
  • Saenger Amoore, Victor Manuel; Kahan, Joshua; Foltynie, Tom; Friston, Karl; Aziz, Tipu Z.; Green, Alex L.; Van Hartevelt, Tim J.; Cabral, Joana; Stevner, Angus B. A.; Fernandes, Henrique M.; Mancini, Laura; Thornton, John; Yousry, Tarek; Limousin, Patricia; Zrinzo, Ludvic; Hariz, Marwan; Marques, Paulo; Sousa, Nuno; Kringelbach, Morten L.; Deco, Gustavo (Nature Research, 2017)
    Deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson’s disease is a highly effective treatment in controlling otherwise debilitating symptoms. Yet the underlying brain mechanisms are currently not well understood. Whole-brain ...

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