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  • Barguilla Arribas, Ainara; Fernández-Lebrero, Aida; Estragués-Gázquez, Isabel; García-Escobar, Greta; Navalpotro-Gómez, Irene; Manero, Rosa María; Puente-Periz, Víctor; Roquer, Jaume; Puig-Pijoan, Albert (Frontiers, 2020)
    Introduction: State of emergency caused by COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown hit Spain on 14th March 2020 and lasted until 21st June 2020. Social isolation measures were applied. Medical attention was focused on ...
  • Ashton, Nicholas J.; Puig Pijoan, Albert; Milà Alomà, Marta; Fernández-Lebrero, Aida; Ortiz Romero, Paula, 1994-; Minguillón, Carolina; Navalpotro-Gómez, Irene; Grau-Rivera, Oriol; Manero, Rosa María; Puente Periz, Victor Manuel; Torre Fornell, Rafael de la; Roquer, Jaume; Suárez-Calvet, Marc (Wiley, 2023)
    Introduction: Direct comparisons of the main blood phosphorylated tau immunoassays in memory clinic populations are needed to understand possible differences. Methods: In the BIODEGMAR study, 197 participants presenting ...
  • Puig-Pijoan, Albert; Jimenez-Balado, Joan; Fernández-Lebrero, Aida; García-Escobar, Greta; Navalpotro-Gómez, Irene; Contador, Jose; Manero Borràs, Rosa María; Puente Periz, Victor Manuel; Suárez, Antoni; Muñoz, Francisco J.; Grau-Rivera, Oriol; Suárez-Calvet, Marc; Torre Fornell, Rafael de la; Roquer, Jaume; Ois Santiago, Angel Javier (Wiley, 2024)
    Introduction: This study examined the relationship between blood-brain-barrier permeability (BBBp), measured by cerebrospinal fluid/serum albumin ratio (QAlb), and cognitive decline progression in a clinical cohort. Methods: ...

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