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  • Farrús, Mireia; Ejarque, Pascual; Temko, Andrey; Hernando, Javier (Springer, 2007)
    It has been shown that prosody helps to improve voice spectrum based speaker recognition systems. Therefore, prosodic features can also be used in multimodal person verification in order to achieve better results. In this ...
  • Farrús, Mireia (International Speech Communication Association (ISCA), 2007)
    Jitter and shimmer are measures of the cycle-to-cycle variations of fundamental frequency and amplitude, respectively, which have been largely used for the description of pathological voice quality. Since they characterise ...
  • Farrús, Mireia; Garde, Ainara; Ejarque, Pascual; Luque, Jordi; Hernando, Javier (International Speech Communication Association (ISCA), 2006)
    Comunicació presentada a: 9th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing; 17-21 de setembre de 2006 a Pittsburgh, Estats Units d'Amèrica
  • Hernando, Javier; Farrús, Mireia; Ejarque, Pascual; Garde, Ainara; Luque, Jordi; Comunicació presentada a: SECRYPT 2006, International Conference on Security and Cryptography, celebrada a Setúbal, Portugal, del 7 al 10 d'agost de 2006 (INSTICC Press, 2006)
    Prosodic information can be used successfully for automatic speaker recognition, although most of the speaker recognition systems use only short-term spectral features as voice information. In this work, prosody information ...