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  • Caballé, Jordi; Dumitrescu, Ariadna (2016-09-15)
    In this paper, we analyze the effects of disclosing corporate tax reports on the performance of financial markets and the use of asset prices by the tax enforcement agency in order to infer the true corporate cash flows. ...
  • Dumitrescu, Ariadna; Gil-Bazo, Javier (2015-03-01)
    We build a model of mutual fund competition in which a fraction of investors ("unsophisticated") exhibit a preference for familiarity. Funds differ both in their quality and their visibility: While unsophisticated investors ...
  • Dumitrescu, Ariadna; Gil-Bazo, Javier (2012-04-01)
    If there are diseconomies of scale in asset management, any predictability in mutual fund performance will be arbitraged away by rational investors seeking funds with the highest expected performance (Berk and Green, 2004). ...

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