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  • Furlan, Mattia; Delgado-Tejedor, Anna; Mulroney, Logan; Pelizzola, Mattia; Novoa, Eva Maria; Leonardi, Tommaso (Taylor and Francis, 2021)
    The covalent modification of RNA molecules is a pervasive feature of all classes of RNAs and has fundamental roles in the regulation of several cellular processes. Mapping the location of RNA modifications transcriptome-wide ...
  • Cozzuto, Luca; Liu, Huanle; Pryszcz, Leszek Piotr, 1985-; Hermoso Pulido, Antonio; Delgado-Tejedor, Anna; Ponomarenko, Julia; Novoa, Eva Maria (Frontiers Media, 2020)
    The direct RNA sequencing platform offered by Oxford Nanopore Technologies allows for direct measurement of RNA molecules without the need of conversion to complementary DNA, fragmentation or amplification. As such, it is ...
  • Baquero Pérez, Belinda; Yonchev, Ivaylo D.; Delgado-Tejedor, Anna; Medina, Rebeca; Puig-Torrents, Mireia; Sudbery, Ian; Begik, Oguzhan; Wilson, Stuart A.; Novoa, Eva Maria; Díez Antón, Juana, 1962- (Nature Research, 2024)
    Despite the nuclear localization of the m6A machinery, the genomes of multiple exclusively-cytoplasmic RNA viruses, such as chikungunya (CHIKV) and dengue (DENV), are reported to be extensively m6A-modified. However, these ...
  • Begik, Oguzhan; Diensthuber, Gregor; Liu, Huanle; Delgado-Tejedor, Anna; Kontur, Cassandra; Niazi, Adnan Muhammad; Valen, Eivind; Giraldez, Antonio J.; Beaudoin, Jean-Denis; Mattick, John S.; Novoa, Eva Maria (Nature Research, 2023)
    RNA polyadenylation plays a central role in RNA maturation, fate, and stability. In response to developmental cues, polyA tail lengths can vary, affecting the translation efficiency and stability of mRNAs. Here we develop ...

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