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  • Demertzi, A.; Tagliazucchi, Enzo; Dehaene, Stanislas; Deco, Gustavo; Barttfeld, P.; Raimondo, F.; Martial, C.; Fernández-Espejo, D.; Rohaut, B.; Voss, H. U.; Schiff, N. D.; Owen, A. M.; Laureys, Steven; Naccache, L.; Sitt, J. D. (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2019)
    Adopting the framework of brain dynamics as a cornerstone of human consciousness, we determined whether dynamic signal coordination provides specific and generalizable patterns pertaining to conscious and unconscious states ...
  • Lakretz, Yair; Hupkes, Dieuwke; Vergallito, Alessandra; Marelli, Marco; Baroni, Marco; Dehaene, Stanislas (Elsevier, 2021)
    Recursive processing in sentence comprehension is considered a hallmark of human linguistic abilities. However, its underlying neural mechanisms remain largely unknown. We studied whether a modern artificial neural network ...
  • Dehaene, Stanislas (Quark, 2001-01-12)

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