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  • Stik, Grégoire; Vidal, Enrique; Barrero, Mercedes; Cuartero, Sergi; Vila-Casadesús, Maria; Mendieta Esteban, Julen, 1992-; Tian, Tian V.; Choi, Jinmi; Berenguer, Clara; Abad, Amaya; Borsari, Beatrice, 1992-; Le Dily, François; Cramer, Patrick; Martí Renom, Marc A.; Stadhouders, Ralph; Graf, T. (Thomas) (Nature Research, 2020)
    Three-dimensional organization of the genome is important for transcriptional regulation1-7. In mammals, CTCF and the cohesin complex create submegabase structures with elevated internal chromatin contact frequencies, ...
  • Choi, Jinmi; Lysakovskaia, Kseniia; Sitk, Gregoire; Demel, Carina; Söding, Johannes; Tian, Tian V.; Graf, T. (Thomas); Cramer, Patrick (eLife Sciences Publications, 2021)
    Enhancer activity drives cell differentiation and cell fate determination, but it remains unclear how enhancers cooperate during these processes. Here we investigate enhancer cooperation during transdifferentiation of human ...

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