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  • Chari, V. V.; Dovis, Alessandro; Kehoe, Patrick J. (2017-09)
    We offer a theoretically based narrative that attempts to account both for the formation of the European Monetary Union and the callenges it has faced. Lack of commitment to policy plays a central role in this narrative.
  • Chari, V. V.; Nicolini, Juan Pablo; Teles, Pedro (2018-02)
    We study cooperative optimal Ramsey equilibria in the open economy, addressing classic policy questions: Should restrictions be placed to free trade and capital mobility? Should capital income be taxed? Should goods be ...
  • Chari, V. V.; Dovis, Alessandro; Kehoe, Patrick J. (2016-02)
    The traditional Mundellian criterion, which implicitly assumes commitment to monetary policy, is that countries with similar shocks should form unions. Without such commitment a new criterion emerges: countries with ...
  • Chari, V. V.; Jones, Larry E.; Marimon, Ramon (2004-04-01)