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  • Martínez Agulleiro, Luis; Patil, Bhagyashree; Firth, Joseph; Sawyer, Chelsea; Amann, Benedikt Lorenz; Fonseca Casals, Francina, 1972-; Torrens, Marta; Pérez Solá, Victor; Castellanos, Francisco X.; Kane, John M.; Guinart, Dani (Cambridge University Press, 2023)
    Tobacco smoking is highly prevalent among patients with serious mental illness (SMI), with known deleterious consequences. Smoking cessation is therefore a prioritary public health challenge in SMI. In recent years, several ...
  • Moreno Alcázar, Ana; Ramos Quiroga, Josep Antoni; Ribasés, Marta; Sánchez-Mora, Cristina; Palomar, Gloria; Bosch, Rosa; Salavert, Josep; Fortea, Lydia; Monté-Rubio, Gemma C.; Canales-Rodrıguez, Erick J.; Milham, Michael P.; Castellanos, Francisco X.; Casas, Miguel; Pomarol-Clotet, Edith; Radua, Joaquim (Nature Research, 2021)
    Previous studies have shown that the gene encoding the adhesion G protein-coupled receptor L3 (ADGRL3; formerly latrophilin 3, LPHN3) is associated with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Conversely, no studies ...
  • Martínez, Kenia; Martínez-García, Magdalena; Marcos-Vidal, Luis; Janssen, Joost; Castellanos, Francisco X.; Petrus, Clara; Vilarroya, Óscar; Pina-Camacho, Laura; Díaz-Caneja, Covadonga M.; Parellada, Mara; Arango, Celso; Desco, Manuel; Sepulcre, Jorge; Carmona, Susanna (Elsevier, 2020)
    Objective: Impaired multisensory integration in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may arise from functional dysconnectivity among brain systems. Our study examines the functional connectivity integration between primary modal ...
  • Petrus, Clara; Marcos-Vidal, Luis; Martínez-García, Magdalena; Picado, Marisol; Ramos-Quiroga; Josep Antoni; Richarte, Vanesa; Castellanos, Francisco X.; Sepulcre, Jorge; Desco, Manuel; Vilarroya, Óscar; Carmona, Susanna (Wiley, 2019)
    Neuroimaging studies indicate that children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) present alterations in several functional networks of the sensation-to-cognition spectrum. These alterations include functional ...

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