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  • Cserbik, Dora; Redondo-Hasselerharm, Paula E.; Farré, Maria José; Sanchís, Josep; Bartolomé, Arantxa; Paraian, Alexandra; Herrera, Eva María; Caixach, Josep; Villanueva, Cristina M.; Flores, Cintia (Nature Research, 2023)
    A wide range of chemicals was measured in different types of drinking water and urine samples through target and non-target screening (NTS) to estimate human exposure. Tap water samples collected from 42 locations in ...
  • Escher, Beate I.; Blanco, Jordi; Caixach, Josep; Cserbik, Dora; Farré, Maria José; Flores, Cintia; König, Maria; Lee, Jungeun; Nyffeler, Johanna; Planas, Carles; Redondo-Hasselerharm, Paula E.; Rovira, Joaquim; Sanchís, Josep; Schuhmacher, Marta; Villanueva, Cristina M. (Nature Research, 2024)
    Background: Location-specific patterns of regulated and non-regulated disinfection byproducts (DBPs) were detected in tap water samples of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. However, it remains unclear if the detected DBPs ...
  • Redondo-Hasselerharm, Paula E.; Cserbik, Dora; Flores, Cintia; Farré, Maria José; Sanchís, Josep; Alcolea, Jose A.; Planas, Carles; Caixach, Josep; Villanueva Belmonte, Cristina (Nature Research, 2022)
    Background: knowledge about human exposure and health effects associated with non-routinely monitored disinfection by-products (DBPs) in drinking water is sparse. Objective: to provide insights to estimate exposure to ...

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