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  • Pacheco Estefan, D.; Sánchez Fibla, Martí; Duff, Armin; Principe, Alessandro; Rocamora, Rodrigo; Zhang, Hui; Axmacher, Nikolai; Verschure, Paul F. M. J. (Nature Research, 2019)
    Theoretical models of episodic memory have proposed that retrieval depends on interactions between the hippocampus and neocortex, where hippocampal reinstatement of item-context associations drives neocortical reinstatement ...
  • Pacheco Estefan, Daniel; Zucca, Riccardo; Arsiwalla, Xerxes D.; Principe, Alessandro; Zhang, Hui; Rocamora, Rodrigo; Axmacher, Nikolai; Verschure, Paul F. M. J. (National Academy of Sciences, 2021)
    Electrophysiological studies in rodents show that active navigation enhances hippocampal theta oscillations (4–12 Hz), providing a temporal framework for stimulus-related neural codes. Here we show that active learning ...

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