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  • Uyar, Burak; Atli, Hasan Sercan; Sentürk, Sertan; Bozkurt, Baris; Serra, Xavier (ACM Association for Computer Machinery, 2014)
    Each music tradition has its own characteristics in terms of melodic, rhythmic and timbral properties as well as semantic understandings. To analyse, discover and explore these culture-specific characteristics, we need ...
  • Atli, Hasan Sercan; Bozkurt, Baris; Sentürk, Sertan (Association Dirac, 2015)
    Karar is the final tone in the Turkish makam music performances. The karar frequency, hence the concert pitch varies among performances due to the existence of many diapasons in Turkish makam music, instead of a single ...
  • Atli, Hasan Sercan; Uyar, Burak; Sentürk, Sertan; Bozkurt, Baris; Serra, Xavier (2014)
    For Turkish makam music, there exist several analysis tools which generally use only the audio as the input to extract the features of the audio. This study aims at extending such approach by using additional features such ...
  • Atli, Hasan Sercan; Sentürk, Sertan; Bozkurt, Baris; Serra, Xavier (Folk Music Analysis, 2017)
    Music synthesis is one of the most essential features of music notation software and applications aimed at navigating digital music score libraries. Currently, the majority of music synthesis tools are designed for ...

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