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  • Corey, Joanna Darrow, 1986-; Hayakawa, Sayuri; Foucart, Alice; Aparici Aznar, Melina; Botella, Juan; Costa, Albert, 1970-; Keysar, Boaz (American Psychological Association (APA), 2017)
    Though moral intuitions and choices seem fundamental to our core being, there is surprising new evidence that people resolve moral dilemmas differently when they consider them in a foreign language (Cipolletti et al., 2016; ...
  • Vives, Marc-Lluís, 1991-; Aparici Aznar, Melina; Costa, Albert, 1970- (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2018)
  • Costa, Albert, 1970-; Foucart, Alice; Hayakawa, Sayuri; Aparici Aznar, Melina; Apesteguia, Jose; Heafner, Joy; Keysar, Boaz (Public Library of Science, 2014)
    Should you sacrifice one man to save five? Whatever your answer, it should not depend on whether you were asked the/nquestion in your native language or a foreign tongue so long as you understood the problem. And yet here ...