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  • Di Matteo, Anna; Belloni, Elisa; Pradella, Davide; Chiaravalli, Anna Maria; Pini, Giacomo Maria; Bugatti, Mattia; Alfieri, Roberta; Barzan, Chiara; Franganillo Tena, Elena; Bione, Silvia; Terenzani, Elisa; Sessa, Fausto; Wyatt, Christopher Douglas Robert, 1988-; Vermi, William; Ghigna, Claudia (MDPI, 2023)
    Angiogenesis is crucial for cancer progression. While several anti-angiogenic drugs are in use for cancer treatment, their clinical benefits are unsatisfactory. Thus, a deeper understanding of the mechanisms sustaining ...
  • Belloni, Elisa; Di Matteo, Anna; Pradella, Davide; Vacca, Margherita; Wyatt, Christopher Douglas Robert, 1988-; Alfieri, Roberta; Maffia, Antonio; Sabbioneda, Simone; Ghigna, Claudia (MDPI, 2019)
    Alternative splicing (AS) plays an important role in expanding the complexity of the human genome through the production of specialized proteins regulating organ development and physiological functions, as well as contributing ...

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