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El repositori institucional recull, difon i preserva la producció intel·lectual en format digital que resulta de l’activitat acadèmica i investigadora de la UPF, les revistes científiques i les publicacions institucionals. La seva finalitat és contribuir a augmentar l’impacte de la investigació feta a la UPF i preservar la memòria intel·lectual de la UPF.


Enviaments recents

  • Cervini-Plá, Maria; Silva, Jose I.; Vall Castelló, Judit; In this paper, we present a theoretical model along with an empirical model to identify the effects of disability on wages. From the theoretical model, we derive the hypothesis that only the temporary component of the wage gap, which is due to assimilation costs, will diminish over time, whereas the permanent element, which is due to the productivity loss after the disabling condition, will in fact persist. We test this theoretical hypothesis using an exogenous disability shock (accident) and combine propensity score matching with a difference-in-differences method to account for observed and unobserved time-constant differences. In all our specifications, we find that the reduction in wages for the disabled is between 274 and 308 euros per month, and this represents 19–22 % of the average wage of a disabled worker. This gap, however, is more than offset when we count disability benefits and wages collectively as income. As predicted in the theoretical model, we observe that around 40 % of the initial wage gap between disabled and non-disabled individuals is reversed once the transitory drop in productivity disappears. However, we also observe a constant wage gap that remains over time and that corresponds to the permanent fall in productivity predicted by the theoretical model (60 % of the initial wage gap). (Springer, 2016)
  • Rossi, Barbara (Taylor & Francis, 2005)
    Existing point estimates of half-life deviations from purchasing power parity (PPP), around 3–5 years, suggest that the speed of convergence is extremely slow. This article assesses the degree of uncertainty around these ...
  • Gil-Bazo, Javier; Moreno, David; Tapia, Mikel; Abad, David (Taylor & Francis, 2007)
    En este trabajo se estudia la formación de precios en un mercado artificial de doble subasta continua con agentes heterogéneos, tanto en términos de eficiencia informativa como en términos de sus propiedades estadísticas. ...
  • Bawaked, Rowaedh Ahmed, 1985- (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2018-10-08)
    La obesidad infantil sigue siendo una importante carga para la salud pública. Comprender e identificar la compleja relación entre la calidad de la dieta y los factores del estilo de vida es importante para el control de ...

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