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The institutional repository collects, disseminates and preserves, in digital form, the intellectual output that results from the academic and research activity of the UPF and also the scientific magazines and the institutional publications. Its purpose is to increase the impact of research done at the UPF and its intellectual memory.


Recently Added

  • Lago Peñas, Ignacio (University of Michigan Press, 2018)
  • Werner, Hannah; Muradova, Lala (Oxford University Press, 2022)
    Understanding the impacts of deliberation on public opinion formation, democratic legitimacy, political behaviour or other concepts is of core interest to deliberation scholars. This chapter elaborates on how scenario ...
  • Villanueva, M. Inmaculada; López, Marc; Sánchez, Sergio; García Cañadilla, Patricia, 1985-; Randanne, Paula C.; Hawkins, Ameth; Eixarch, Elisenda; Bonet-Carne, Elisenda; Gratacós Solsona, Eduard; Crispi Brillas, Fàtima; Bijnens, Bart; Bernardino Perez, Gabriel (Springer, 2022)
    Artificial placenta (AP) is a promising approach to improve survival in extremely premature fetuses, removing them from the uterus and replacing the placenta by an external oxygenator. In in vivo experiments with lambs, ...
  • Villanueva, M. Inmaculada; García Cañadilla, Patricia, 1985-; Camara, Oscar; Garcia-Criado, Angeles; Campreciós, Genís; Perez-Campuzano, Valeria; Hernandez-Gea, Virgina; Turon, Fanny; Baiges Aznar, Anna; Lopez Sainz, Angela; García-Pagan, Juan Carlos; Bijnens, Bart; Bernardino Perez, Gabriel (Springer, 2023)
    Cirrhosis is a prevalent chronic liver disease that causes scarring of the liver, leading to altered mechanics and impaired function. One of its most severe complications is portal hypertension, characterised by an increase ...
  • Roig-Mora, Arnau; Ventura, Rafael; Larrea Estefanía, Olatz; Blanco Fernández, Vítor (Taylor & Francis, 2024)
    Mobile dating apps (MDAs) generate spaces where masculinities are (co)produced and reproduced, acting as platforms that define the standards of such masculinities. The objective of this article is to understand the role ...

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