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  • Eeckhout, Jan; Kircher, Philipp Albert Theodor (Econometric Society, 2010)
    We investigate the role of search frictions in markets with price competition and how it leads to sorting of heterogeneous agents. There are two aspects of value creation: the match value when two agents actually trade and ...
  • Eeckhout, Jan; Kircher, Philipp Albert Theodor (Elsevier, 2010)
    In a market where sellers compete by posting trading mechanisms, we allow for a general search technology and show that its features crucially affect the equilibrium mechanism. Price posting prevails when meetings are ...
  • Dasso, Rosamaría; Fernández, Fernando, 1944- (SpringerOpen, 2015)
    We study the effects of a rural electrification program on employment in Peru. Taking advantage of the program’s roll-out across districts over time, we adopt differences-in-differences and fixed-effects strategies to ...
  • Galí, Jordi, 1961-; Gambetti, Luca (American Economic Association, 2015)
    We estimate the response of stock prices to monetary policy shocks using a time-varying coefficients VAR. Our evidence points to protracted episodes in which stock prices end up increasing persistently in response to an ...
  • Eeckhout, Jan; Persico, Nicola; Todd, Petra (American Economic Association, 2010)
    An incentives based theory of policing is developed which can explain the phenomenon of random “crackdowns,” i.e., intermittent periods of high interdiction/surveillance. For a variety of police objective functions, random ...
  • Mujasi, Paschal N; Puig, Jaume (BioMed Central, 2015)
    Objectives: A key policy question for the government of Uganda is how to equitably allocate primary health care pharmaceutical budgets to districts. This paper seeks to identify variables influencing current primary health ...


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