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  • Clark, Andrew; Prost, Stefan; Stanton, Jo-Ann L.; White, W. Timothy J.; Kaplan, Matthew E.; Matisoo Smith, Elizabeth; Genographic Consortium; Bertranpetit, Jaume, 1952-; Comas, David, 1969-; Haber, Marc, 1980-; Martínez Cruz, Begoña; Soria Hernanz, David F (BioMed Central, 2014)
    Background: Next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) technologies have made huge impacts in many fields of biological research, but especially in evolutionary biology. One area where NGS has shown potential is for high-throughput ...
  • Zuin, Alice, 1978-; Gabrielli, Natalia, 1978-; Calvo, Isabel A.; García Santamarina, Sarela, 1978-; Hoe, Kwang-Lae; Kim, Dong Uk; Park, Han-Oh; Hayles, Jacqueline; Ayté del Olmo, José; Hidalgo Hernando, Elena (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2008)
    Background: Oxidative stress is a probable cause of aging and associated diseases. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) originate mainly from endogenous sources, namely the mitochondria. Methodology/Principal Findings: We analyzed ...
  • Der Sarkissian, Clio; Brotherton, Paul; Balanovsky, Oleg; Templeton, Jennifer EL; Llamas, Bastien; Soubrier, Julien; Moiseyev, Vyacheslav; Khartanovich, Valery; Cooper, Alan; Haak, Wolfgang; The Genographic Consortium (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2014)
    The human mitochondrial haplogroup C1 has a broad global distribution but is extremely rare in Europe today. Recent ancient DNA evidence has demonstrated its presence in European Mesolithic individuals. Three individuals ...
  • Mendizábal Eceizabarrena, Isabel, 1981-; Valente, Cristina; Gusmao, Alfredo; Alves, Cíntia; Gomes, Verónica; Goios, Ana; Parson, Walther; Calafell i Majó, Francesc; Alvarez, Luis; Amorim, António; Gusmao, Leonor; Comas, David, 1969-; Prata, Maria Joao (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2011)
    Previous genetic, anthropological and linguistic studies have shown that Roma (Gypsies) constitute a founder population dispersed throughout Europe whose origins might be traced to the Indian subcontinent. Linguistic and ...


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