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  • Munteanu, Andreea; Constante Pereira, Marco; Isalan, Mark; Solé Vicente, Ricard, 1962- (BioMed Central, 2010)
    Background: The ultimate goal of synthetic biology is the conception and construction of genetic circuits that are reliable with respect to their designed function (e.g. oscillators, switches). This task remains still to ...
  • Diambra, Luis; Senthivel, Vivek Raj; Bárcena Menéndez, Diego; Isalan, Mark (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2015)
    It is hard to bridge the gap between mathematical formulations and biological implementations of Turing patterns, yet this is necessary for both understanding and engineering these networks with synthetic biology approaches. ...
  • Carbonell Ballestero, Max; García Ramallo, Eva; Montañez, Raúl; Rodríguez Caso, Carlos; Macía, Javier (Oxford University Press, 2016)
    Synthetic biology seeks to envision living cells as a matter of engineering. However, increasing evidence suggests that the genetic load imposed by the incorporation of synthetic devices in a living organism introduces a ...
  • Macía, Javier; Solé Vicente, Ricard, 1962- (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2014)
    Biological systems perform computations at multiple scales and they do so in a robust way. Engineering metaphors have often been used in order to provide a rationale for modeling cellular and molecular computing networks ...
  • Bárcena Menéndez, Diego; Senthivel, Vivek Raj; Isalan, Mark (Elsevier, 2015)
    Sender–receiver (S–R) systems abound in biology, with communication systems sending information in various forms. Information theory provides a quantitative basis for analysing these processes and is being applied to study ...
  • Solé Vicente, Ricard, 1962-; Montañez, Raúl; Duran Nebreda, Salva (BioMed Central, 2015)
    Background. Mounting evidence indicates that our planet might experience runaway effects associated to rising temperatures and ecosystem overexploitation, leading to catastrophic shifts on short time scales. Remediation ...


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