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Documents de recerca de la UPF, en accés obert, com ara articles de revista, llibres, comunicacions, ponències o posters a jornades i congressos, etc. Aquests i materials d'altres institucions estan disponibles a Recercat (Dipòsit de la Recerca de Catalunya).

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  • Derrien, Thomas; Estellé, Jordi; Marco Sola, Santiago; Knowles, David G.; Raineri, Emanuele; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Ribeca, Paolo (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2012)
    We present a fast mapping-based algorithm to compute the mappability of each region of a reference genome up to a specified number of mismatches. Knowing the mappability of a genome is crucial for the interpretation of ...
  • Djebali, Sarah; Lagarde, Julien; Lacroix, Vincent; Foissac, Sylvain; Ribeca, Paolo; Martin, David; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Gingeras, Thomas R. (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2012)
    The classic organization of a gene structure has followed the Jacob and Monod bacterial gene model proposed more than 50 years ago. Since then, empirical determinations of the complexity of the transcriptomes found in yeast ...
  • Mariotti, Marco, 1984-; Ridge, Perry G.; Zhang, Yan; Lobanov, Alexei V.; Pringle, Thomas H.; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Hatfield, Dolph L.; Gladyshev, Vadim N. (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2012)
    BACKGROUND: Selenium is an essential trace element in mammals due to its presence in proteins in the form of selenocysteine (Sec). Human genome codes for 25 Sec-containing protein genes, and mouse and rat genomes for 24. ...
  • Dong, Xianjun; Greven, Melissa C.; Kundaje, Anshul; Djebali, Sarah; Brown, James B.; Cheng, Chao; Gingeras, Thomas R.; Gerstein, Mark; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Birney, Ewan; Weng, Zhiping (BioMed Central, 2012)
    BACKGROUND: Previous work has demonstrated that chromatin feature levels correlate with gene expression. The ENCODE project enables us to further explore this relationship using an unprecedented volume of data. Expression ...
  • Stamatoyannopoulos, John A.; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Djebali, Sarah; Lagarde, Julien; Adams, Leslie B. (BioMed Central, 2012)
    To complement the human Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) project and to enable a broad range of mouse genomics efforts, the Mouse ENCODE Consortium is applying the same experimental pipelines developed for human ENCODE ...