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  • Hurkens, Sjaak; Vulkan, Nir (1999)
    Many models in the economics literature deal with strategic situations with privately informed agents. In those models the information structure is assumed to be exogenous and common knowledge. We consider whether such models, ...
  • Hurkens, Sjaak; Vulkan, Nir (1997)
    Traditional economic wisdom says that free entry in a market will drive profits down to zero. This conclusion is usually drawn under the assumption of perfect information. We assume that a priori there exists imperfect ...
  • Hurkens, Sjaak; Vulkan, Nir (1996)
    Before firms decide whether to enter a new market or not, they have the opportunity to buy information about several variables that might affect the profitability of this market. Our model differs from the existing ...
  • Freixas, Xavier; Hurkens, Sjaak; Morrison, Alan D.; Vulkan, Nir (2004)
    We analyse credit market equilibrium when banks screen loan applicants. When banks have a convex cost function of screening, a pure strategy equilibrium exists where banks optimally set interest rates at the same level as ...


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