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  • Vriend, Nicolaas J. (1996)
    The two essential features of a decentralized economy taken into account are, first, that individual agents need some information about other agents in order to meet potential trading partners, which requires some communication ...
  • Nagel, Rosemarie; Vriend, Nicolaas J. (1997)
    We consider an oligopolistic market game, in which the players are competing firm in the same market of a homogeneous consumption good. The consumer side is represented by a fixed demand function. The firms decide how ...
  • Vriend, Nicolaas J. (1996)
    Utilizing the well-known Ultimatum Game, this note presents the following phenomenon. If we start with simple stimulus-response agents, learning through naive reinforcement, and then grant them some introspective ...
  • Bosch, Antoni (Bosch-Domènech); Vriend, Nicolaas J. (1998)
    In an experimental standard Cournot Oligopoly we test the importance of models of behavior characterized by imitation of succesful behavior. We find that the players appear to the rather reluctant to imitate.
  • Bosch, Antoni (Bosch-Domènech); Vriend, Nicolaas J. (2008)
    Considering a pure coordination game with a large number of equivalent equilibria, we argue, first, that a focal point that is itself not a Nash equilibrium and is Pareto dominated by all Nash equilibria, may attract the ...


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