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  • Pratap, Sangeeta; Rendón, Silvio (1996)
    We set up a dynamic model of firm investment in which liquidity constraints enter explicity into the firm's maximization problem. The optimal policy rules are incorporated into a maximum likelihood procedure which estimates the ...
  • Rendón, Silvio (2002)
    This paper proposes a common and tractable framework for analyzing different definitions of fixed and random effects in a contant-slope variable-intercept model. It is shown that, regardless of whether effects (i) are ...
  • Rendón, Silvio (2002)
    This paper analyzes the problem of matching heterogeneous agents in a Bayesian learning model. One agent gives a noisy signal to another agent, who is responsible for learning. If production has a strong informational component, ...
  • Rendón, Silvio (2000)
    This paper shows that liquidity constraints restrict job creation even when labor markets are flexible. In a dynamic model of labor demand, I show that in an environment of imperfect capital and imperfect labor markets, ...
  • Rendón, Silvio (2002)
    In this paper I show how borrowing constraints and job search interact. I fit a dynamic model to data from the National Longitudinal Survey (1979-cohort) and show that borrowing constraints are significant. Agents with ...


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