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  • Ciccone, Antonio; Papaioannou, Elias (2006)
    Does financial development result in capital being reallocated more rapidly to industries where it is most productive? We argue that if this was the case, financially developed countries should see faster growth in industries ...
  • Ciccone, Antonio; Papaioannou, Elias (2008)
    We study how restrictions on firm entry affect intersectoral factor reallocation when open economies experience global economic shocks. In our theoretical framework, countries trade freely in a range of differentiated ...
  • Ciccone, Antonio; Papaioannou, Elias (2010)
    International industry data permits testing whether the industry-specific impact of cross-country differences in institutions or policies is consistent with economic theory. Empirical implementation requires specifying the ...
  • Ciccone, Antonio; Papaioannou, Elias (2005)
    Do high levels of human capital foster economic growth by facilitating technology adoption? If so, countries with more human capital should have adopted more rapidly the skilled-labor augmenting technologies becoming ...
  • Ciccone, Antonio; Papaioannou, Elias (2006)
    Does cutting red tape foster entrepreneurship in industries with the potential to expand? We address this question by combining the time needed to comply with government entry procedures in 45 countries with industry-level ...


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