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Recerca: working papers, informes, etc.


Documents de recerca de la UPF, en accés obert, com ara working papers, informes de recerca, memòries tècniques, etc. Aquests i materials d'altres institucions estan disponibles a Recercat (Dipòsit de la Recerca de Catalunya).

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  • Baley, Isaac; Blanco, Julio A. (2016)
    Nominal shocks have long-lasting effects on real economic activity, beyond those implied by standard models that target the average frequency of price adjustment in micro data. This paper develops a price-setting model ...
  • Baley, Isaac; Veldkamp, Laura; Waugh, Michael (2016)
    How do information frictions affect international prices and trade? In a standard, two-country Armingtonmodel of trade, information frictions impede the coordination of exporting behavior across countries. Because the terms ...
  • Carrasco, Marine; Rossi, Barbara (2016)
    This paper considers in-sample prediction and out-of-sample forecasting in regressions with many exogenous predictors. We consider four dimension reduction devices: principal components, Ridge, Landweber Fridman, and ...
  • Rossi, Barbara; Sekhposyan, Tatevik; Soupre, Matthieu (2016)
    We propose a decomposition to distinguish between Knightian uncertainty (ambiguity) and risk, where the ?rst measures the uncertainty about the probability distribution generating the data, while the second measures ...
  • Kehoe, Patrick J.; Pastorino, Elena (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2015)
    Before the advent of sophisticated international financial markets, the widely accepted belief was that within a monetary union, a union-wide authority orchestrating fiscal transfers between countries is necessary to provide ...