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Recerca: working papers, informes, etc.


Documents de recerca de la UPF, en accés obert, com ara working papers, informes de recerca, memòries tècniques, etc. Aquests i materials d'altres institucions estan disponibles a Recercat (Dipòsit de la Recerca de Catalunya).

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  • Linares Lanzman, Juan; Codina, Lluís; Pedraza, Rafael (2015)
    Primera Parte . El “Sistema Articulado de Análisis de Cibermedios” (SAAC) consiste en un grupo de conceptos, presentados a través de una propuesta terminológica concreta, y por un grupo de elementos articulados que nos ...
  • Arruñada, Benito (2015)
    I analyze the basis of the market economy in classical Rome, from the perspective of personal-versus-impersonal exchange and focusing on the role of the state in providing market-enabling institutions. I start by reviewing ...
  • Hansman, Christopher; Hjort, Jonas; León, Gianmarco (2015)
    Regulations that constrain firms' externalities in one dimension can distort incentives and worsen externalities in other dimensions. In Peru's industrial fishing sector, the world's largest, fishing boats catch anchovy ...
  • Germano, Fabrizio; Zuazo-Garin, Peio (2015)
    Economic predictions are highly sensitive to model and informational specifications. Weinstein and Yildiz (2007) show that, in static games with incomplete information, only very weak predictions, namely, the interim ...
  • García López, María José; Amat, Oriol (2015)
    In recent years there has been much talk about the ethics of organisations and studies on the subject are plentiful. However, there has been scarcely any research into the perception that companies themselves have of their ...