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  • Pérez Sanagustín, Maria del Mar; Burgos, J.; Hernández Leo, Davinia; Blat, Josep (Springer, 2011)
    When applying a Collaborative Learning Flow Pattern (CLFP) to structure sequences of activities in real contexts, one of the tasks is to organize groups of students according to the constraints imposed by the pattern. ...
  • Chacón Pérez, Jonathan, 1986-; Hernández Leo, Davinia; Blat, Josep (Springer, 2011)
    Collaborative activities, in which students actively interact with each other, have proved to provide significant learning benefits. In Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), these collaborative activities are ...
  • Papiotis, Panagiotis, 1985-; Marchini, Marco, 1984-; Maestre Gómez, Esteban; Pérez, Alfonso (Springer, 2012)
    In this article we present our ongoing work on expressive performance analysis for violin and string ensembles, in terms of synchronization in intonation, timing, dynamics and articulation. Our current research ...
  • Hernández Leo, Davinia; Nieves, Raul; Arroyo, Ernesto; Rosales, Andrea; Melero Merino, Javier; Moreno, Pau; Blat, Josep (Springer, 2011)
    The orchestration of collaborative learning processes in face-to-face physical settings, such as classrooms, requires teachers to coordinate students indicating them who belong to each group, which collaboration areas ...
  • Serra, Xavier; Rao, Preeti; Murthy, Hema A.; Bozkurt, Baris (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2012)
  • Arroyo, Ernesto; Righi, Valeria; Tarrago, Roger; Santos Rodríguez, Patrícia; Hernández Leo, Davinia; Blat, Josep (Springer, 2011)
    This paper presents a customizable system used to develop a collaborative multi-user problem solving game. It addresses the increasing demand for appealing informal learning experiences in museum-like settings. The system ...
  • Serra, Xavier; Magas, Michela; Benetos, Emmanouil; Chudy, Magdalena; Dixon, Simon; Flexer, Arthur; Gómez Gutiérrez, Emilia; Gouyon, Fabien; Herrera Boyer, Perfecto; Jordà Puig, Sergi; Paytuvi, Oscar; Peeters, Geoffroy; Schlüter, Jan; Vinet, Hugues; Widmer, Gerhard (The MIReS Consortium, 2013)


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